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On-Demand Campaign Placement Program Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately if you are not seeing your category on the "Check Availability" page, that either means we are sold out of all the existing campaigns or we have not setup our pre-existing campaigns for your category. We do offer contractor marketing campaigns from scratch and you can learn more on our "Other Services" page.

Any city level campaign that has a contractor that has already joined the campaign, the campaign is no longer available and will not be listed with the available campaigns. Until that contractor no longer wants to receive leads, that campaign will not be available to join.

The reason behind this is we have invested in all the content, design, SEO and marketing for 1 website for each category within the contractor industry. Since our campaigns are 100% branded to a single contractor, it will be impossible for us to have more than 1 contractor on the same campaign. We have found that campaigns that are personalized for a single contractor produce higher quality leads in larger volumes, opposed to campaigns that support multiple contractors.

We do offer start from scratch campaigns on our "Other Services" page that any contractor in any category and city can setup.

Our campaigns come with a proprietary lead tracking system which allows you to listen to every phone call to ensure it was someone looking for your contractor services in your area. We also have a lead management platform for all your quote form submissions and email leads that you can check. We send automatic daily and weekly reports so you can see every lead, every call and how each one of those leads are finding you online directly to your inbox.

If for any reason you want to stop receiving leads from our contractor marketing campaigns, simply give us a call or push the cancel button in your account login. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. Once canceled, your information and branding is removed and it is added right back into the available campaigns for another contractor to take advantage of.

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