90 Day Objective


Leads. They’re the goal for practically any business, right?

But it doesn’t take much to get a few leads – in fact, pretty much anyone can get you leads. But that isn’t enough. You actually need leads that end up turning into conversions, and a system that works to get you to your goals. That’s where we come in, and that’s how we’re different.


Why It Works

The bottom line – and one that most business leaders don’t want to admit – is that the majority of businesses today just don’t take the time to properly plan. And those who do are the ones who end up reaching their goals and getting to the point they want to be – because they’ve invested the time and energy in getting coached and in planning out the right path.

Get Leads That Convert

The 90 Day Quarterly Plan

At Ignited Contractor, we facilitate this process properly and make sure that you get the results you’re looking for by creating a plan that brings your entire team together and gives them the power to move towards the goals by being integral parts of the business. How does it work, exactly? Here’s a breakdown of the basics that help you reach your goals.

  1. We’ll start by creating a one-page plan that brings your entire team together. You should provide maximum transparency so they feel that they actually have skin in the game.
  2. Next, our team creates a structured group thinking exercise. This features a SWOT exercise that allows each team member to feel comfortable and start expressing their ideas about the weaknesses, strengths, threats, and opportunities of the company.
  3. Along with your team, we list out all of these factors related to your company in a candid way. This allows your team to see a different workplace environment and can change their mindset. We’ll cover everything related to the business that your team members felt they couldn’t say. In a situation when they can express their feelings properly, it allows for growth – growth for the company, for its leaders, and its employees.
  1. Once the list is made, we pull the various points on it until we make a final list of five main things we want to focus on – five things to fix.
  2. These five things are our ‘rocks’. Each rock is assigned to different team members, who then become responsible for making sure that those five things are corrected. There is a goal date in mind, and each rock should be overcome by that date.
  3. We also set up a set of 90 day financial goals. This includes profits, revenue, and profit margin. The overall goals here can be determined in various ways, and we’ll have a clear framework set for what we want to measure and what goals we want to reach.
  1. No goal is complete without a reward! We’ll work with your company to set up a good reward for the organizational goals and the financial goals. These are usually a fun, team building outing or event along with a money bonus paid to those involve din reaching the goals.
  2. This finalizes the plan, and best of all it gets everyone in the business on the same page. Everyone knows what’s going on, everyone knows what they’re responsible for, and everyone knows the deadline.
  3. Throughout the coming months, we set up weekly meeting rhythms that last 30 minutes. This happens on the exact same day of the week at the exact same time. Everyone involved will schedule their days around this specific thirty minute block of time. It’s when we review the situation, and we measure things once a week for thirteen weeks. This lets us see where we are compared to where we need to be.

This isn’t easy for businesses to do on their own.

That’s why when you let us take over and facilitate the process, you get results. You’ll get results that are more meaningful and that focus on reaching goals through a carefully facilitated process that gives everything the attention it deserves. Along the way, the overall psychology within the company and the mood of your employees change.


Results You Can Trust

Did you know 90 percent of strategies fail because of poor execution and that only 15 percent of employees know their company’s top priorities? That’s a clear indicator of a growing problem – employees are the lifeblood of a business, but they often don’t feel like they are important. When you give your team the power and give them more control, they are more motivated and understand more completely how to get to the goals you have.

Get Leads That Covert

The Bottom Line

In any good team, leadership will be putting in plenty of work to generate results. But in truly great teams, everyone will be putting forth that effort. When you turn over trust and let the team start setting priorities and generating their own rhythm, you end up getting results. That’s because you’re giving your team the tools to achieve results and reach your goals that will surprise even them.